From the birth of the earth to the present, it has passed 4.6 billion years, and people have already mastered many things on the earth. But there are some knowledge, we may not understand. For example, the earth, how much do we know about our homeland?

The mainstream views of the scientific community believe that the earth and the sun originated from the same nebula. Because the density distribution of the nebula is not average, under the influence of gravity, the material gradually converges to a place with high density and starts to rotate to prepare for the formation of stars. The pressure and temperature of the original star center gradually increased. When the critical temperature of the hydrogen thermal nuclear reaction is above the critical temperature, the nuclear reaction furnace is ignited, and a star is officially born.

For the source of the earth's name, this also makes people talk about it. Some people think that the earth is called the earth because it is spherical. There are also a lot of statements, but the most convincing saying is that more than 1,000 years ago, among some mother tongue in the West, the nouns of the earth appeared. In the West, the meaning of the earth refers to land and soil. Later, people gradually accepted the word.

We can't know the weight of the earth, because after all, it is impossible to measure. However, scientists also inferred this, such as Henry, an American scientist, once estimated the weight of the earth. The earth weighs about 600 trillion tons, and this value is also unable to understand, because after all, it has exceeded the number that people can bear. And this value is only estimated, maybe the earth is heavier than this value.

The earth is a planet, and it has existed for 4.6 billion years. How long can the earth exist? This must be considered in many aspects. Human impact on the earth is very small. Even if the whole world explodes, it is only a small impact for the earth. Even if the human civilization is extinct, the earth can still be intact. To destroy the earth, a violent planet impact is needed. However, there is no such condition in the solar system, and ordinary asteroids cannot cause much harm to the earth.

The vast universe is full of crisis. Any supernova burst will destroy the planets around. However, the earth has maintained a stability of 4 billion years. Is there anything in the universe to protect our earth? Let's take a look together.

Jupiter and other smaller gaseous planets are running on the orbit of the solar system. Their huge gravity will cause many comets to hit them before reaching the earth. The moon also helps the earth to capture something. However, those material quality that hit the moon is very low, and it is not very important. The magnetic field around the earth will change the direction of many charged particles, and then accelerate and send them to the poles.

For life, it may be ozone layer that really protects the earth. It absorbs high -energy radiation. In this process, it will be converted into normal oxygen, and then slowly supplement through the natural atmosphere. But when the energy is exhausted, this layer of protective shields disappear.

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