The romantic season begins in May and June in the UK, with abundant sunshine, pleasant weather, and all kinds of flowers are in full bloom. There are many options for flower viewing in the UK, from expansive rose gardens to exotic tropical flower beds and free-picking flower field farms. Wondering where in England are the best places to see flowers? This article will tell you where to see these beauties in UK!

1. Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Sissinghurst Castle Garden, located in Weld, Kent, is one of the most famous flower viewing spots in the UK. Each garden has a special color scheme, such as the farmhouse garden with only red and yellow flowers, the garden with only blue, pink and purple lilacs, the white garden with dahlias and anemones, etc. May is the season of iris blooming. At this time, the Sissinghurst Castle Garden is more colorful than usual, but the iris bloom period is very short. In addition, the garden will often hold some summer evening dinner events that can be reserved, which is a good place for hangout.

Address: Biddenden Road, Cranbrook TN17 2AB

2. Pashley Manor Gardens

Pashley Manor Gardens is a typical English country garden located in East Sussex. The garden covers an area of about 11 acres, with seasonal flowers blooming in different seasons. Every year in spring and summer, you can enjoy large tulips and early blooming roses. In June, there will be a rose festival here, where you can see more than 100 varieties of roses! There's also the Dahlia Festival in late summer!

Address: Pashley Road, Ticehurst, Wadhurst TN5 7HE

3. Mottisfont, Hampshire

Mottisfont in Hampshire is a world-famous rose garden that has been buzzing since the end of May. There are thousands of roses here, ranging from the oldest in Europe to the small and delicate Chinese tea roses. These roses only bloom once a year, so end May is the perfect time to head to Mottisfont. But in other seasons, there are also a lot of peonies, geraniums, lilies, clematis in bloom, and a sea of colorful flowers everywhere!

Address: Mottisfont Lane, Mottisfont, Romsey SO51 0LP

4. Wakehurst, West Sussex

Wakehurst is actually a manor, covering an extremely large area, with internal gardens, nature reserves, woodlands, ancient houses, and one of the largest wild seed conservation banks in the world! Here you can enjoy flora from all over the world at one time, which is especially magical! The lake next to the mansion is full of water lilies and rhododendrons, and the garden roses are in full bloom. It is a fairy tale world! There are often guided walking tours, exhibitions, workshops and more.

Address: Selsfield Road, Haywards Heath RH17 6TN

5. Blooming Green, Kent

Located in Kent, Blooming Green is a very large self-picking flower field farm. Not only can you see flowers here, but you can also pick flowers and take them home! Just buy a picking box at the farm, and you can pick your favorite flowers while strolling in the flower field! If you are tired, you can rest on a picnic bench, or relax with a cup of tea at the coffee shop nearby. Because the picking road will be uneven and wet, it is recommended that you wear rain boots or comfortable sports shoes!

Address: Loddington Farm, Linton, Maidstone ME17 4AG

6. RHS Garden Wisley, Surrey

RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey is an RHS-owned garden and one of the most popular gardens in the UK, attracting around one million visitors each year. Garden Wisley has three tropical greenhouses, where you can view exotic tropical plants and flowers in different climates; in the garden area, flowers such as lilacs, roses and lavender are grown. In addition, RHS Garden Wisley's various bonsai gardening is also very worth seeing!

Address: Wisley Lane, Wisley, Woking GU23 6QB

7. Bates Green Garden

At Bates Green Garden in Sussex, you can admire a sea of blue bellflowers in their purest form. Every spring is the season when bellflowers bloom the most, walking through the sapphire carpet in the oak forest, and everyone can take pictures whatever they want! Besides hyacinths, there are beautiful white anemones and oaks to admire. The Arlington Bluebell Walk and Farm Trail in the garden attracts many people every year to experience and play, and the farm provides milking visits for cows.

Address: Bates Green Farm, Tye Hill Road, Arlington, Polegate BN26 6SH

8. Green and Gorgeous, Oxfordshire

If you not only love flowers, but also want to grow your own, Green and Gorgeous Gardens in Oxfordshire will not let you down! Bright tulips, fragrant roses, dahlias, daisies and other seasonal flowers are cultivated here, and training courses on planting flowers are also provided, so whether you are a flower lover or a gardening professional, you can learn how to grow flowers!

Address: Baliffs House, Little Stoke, Wallingford OX10 6AX

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