People's most intuitive feelings recently are that the morning time is not rich and is getting less and less! 

Today we will learn to dress with some French influencers!

In recent years, "French style" has become popular on social media. Their dressing style is excellent and of great significance for daily reference.

And people of different ages can find points suitable for them to copy.

So, we researched their fall outfits and summed up a few practical French influencers' fall dressing tips. People who like this style can pick it up!

As we all know, French influencers are all "big fans of jeans."

And no matter what's trending, the pants they wear the most are the two classics: straight-leg pants and flares. The charm of these two jeans is that the overall version is more "straight," which makes it easier to make the whole person look slender.

We've previously written about the loose pants family that is in vogue today. Compared with these plus-sized trousers with these two types of jeans, you can feel which of the two versions is more "narrow and long."

Straight-leg pants have been liked by everyone for many years. It doesn't fully expose the shape of the legs as sheer skinny jeans do.

In addition to the effect of hiding the fat part, it also has a modifying effect on the pear-shaped figure. The trouble with wearing pants for a pear-shaped body is that you often feel that your butt is protruding.

But in fact, "showing narrow hips" may not only be made loose at the hip bones. The overall width of the trousers is a little bit wider, the calves are not so tight, and the hips will not appear very wide visually.

In addition to the version, French bloggers' jeans are typically solid colors, with denim blue, white, and black being the most popular.

They rarely wear styles with obvious washes and ripped holes. The editor's feeling is that these kinds of solid-colored jeans are often more versatile and durable. Looking back at the jeans that have been worn for many years in my wardrobe, they are all of this type.

Along with the jeans of these French influencers, there is often a pair of ankle boots. This collocation is also one of the main reasons why they still look tall and not bloated in autumn.

Because their ankle boots often have two common characteristics: slender shoes and narrow boots.

Whether the boots are square, pointed, or round, the ankle boots most commonly worn by these French influencers are slim silhouettes.

There will always be people in the world who are more in line with the "perfect" standard than us, but this does not prevent us from feeling good and looking good through proper dressing skills!

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