If you could only choose one shoe in winter, what would you choose?

Boots seem to have an "instantly double your looks" effect, not only do they keep you warm, but they also allow you to experiment more with your ensemble.

With all the different styles of boots out there, it can often be a struggle to decide which one to go for, I'm going to introduce you to some common types of boots.

Hiking boots

As the name suggests, a hiking boot is a shoe used to protect the feet and ankles on outdoor hikes. A feature that gives them a rugged shape and is often wide enough to allow room for thick socks.

Hiking boots are closed from the upper to the sole and use D-ring holes to hold the foot in place. The height of the hiking boot is approximately at ankle level.

Baler boots

The baler boot is an older type of work boot that dates back to at least the 19th century and was once a very powerful work boot. They were originally worn by lumberjacks and men on pack horses who had to trek across rocky terrain. As a result, packer boots were typically characterised by a high shaft and thick sole with a tapered western heel.

Engineer's boots

The rugged engineer's boot is a traditional style that is very popular among motorbike riders. Originally developed in the 1930s, the engineer's boot has a shaft height of 20cm or more and has adjustable buckles at the centre and top of the boot.

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots have always been an important part of the American heritage and a symbol of the Wild West. Cowboy boots have a pointed toe and a high, angled heel to allow cowboys to tuck their boots into the stirrups and ride for hours.

Martin boots

The combination of sweatpants and Martin boots is a perfect match, especially for girls who like sweet and cool and street style. Martin boots are more wrapped around the ankle and are also very friendly to girls with a slight figure and imperfect legs.

The girls can use the sweatpants with the Martin boots, not only can they easily wear the long and straight legs, but also can show the excellent body proportion, which is a great choice for the small girls.

When choosing Martin boots, you can choose according to your own body shape and size, small people choose to help, tall people choose to help.

There are many different kinds of winter brown boots depending on the shade of colour, and I would classify them into two broad categories based on brightness and saturation:

1. The dark brown boots that are close to black.

2. The more saturated khaki boots.

Close to black dark brown boots light mature atmosphere, the disadvantage is that old gas, when wearing it we try not to choose matte suede.

It will increase the sense of maturity, also try to avoid wearing with boots as dark as the tone.

If want to wear it well, the material choice has a sense of glossy leather. It can increase the chic and handsome style, conservative and uninhibited collision, more enhance the texture and taste.

Small brown boots vary in style depending on the design, so choose according to your own dressing style situation. If your style is a handsome and spontaneous street style or a personality with a little wit, Martin boots can fully express your personality.

If your body proportion is not good and your legs are thick, it is not recommended to wear thick-soled, buckle-loaded Martin boots. which are easy to look bulky and pull down your height centre of gravity.

You can try Chelsea boots and flat soled boots to reduce the age of comfortable, pointed toe and fine heel feminine more heavy, low heeled square toe boots low-key comfortable more high.

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