Cosmetics have the qualities of consumer goods for everyday use, meeting people's needs for a better life.

They bring pleasure, satisfaction and a sense of belonging to the user, they also drive economic development and pass on the culture of peoples, countries and brands.

This article introduces the definition, role, classification and characteristics of cosmetics, so that we can understand them together.

Cosmetics, refers to the application of rubbing, spraying or other similar methods, scattered on any part of the surface of the human body to clean, eliminate bad odour, skin care, beauty and grooming purposes of daily use chemical industrial products.

1. skin cosmetics: refers to the face and skin with cosmetics. Such cosmetics as various creams, bath preparations, etc.

2. hair cosmetics: refers to hair cosmetics. These cosmetics such as shampoos, mousses, hair sprays, etc.

3. beauty cosmetics: mainly refers to facial beauty products, but also includes beauty products for nails and hair.

4. special function cosmetics: refers to cosmetics with special effects of drugs added.

5. Commonly used cosmetics  

Cosmetics generally have the following functions.

1. the role of cleaning: to clean and correct the body's odour, maintenance, to maintain a good state of function.

2. care cosmetics: the function of maintaining, modifying and keeping in good condition.

3. beauty/finishing role: beautifying, finishing, fragrance, changing the appearance, presenting a good state of function, etc .

Make-up will bring beauty and good looks.

The most important purpose of make-up is to make yourself look comfortable and beautiful, that is, to give yourself a beautiful face and look vibrant and alive.

In the face of beauty, I believe there will be many people willing to approach you and deal with you.

In the long run, as you come into contact with mostly positive people and things, your own aura and even your own career development will be very different from before, and it must be a positive influence.

When you are haggard in bad spirits, you need make-up even more to give yourself a boost, not only can your looks be more refreshed, but your whole aura will also be radiant.

Make-up is a rite of passage. In life and in the workplace, women are required to face all with a fresh, clean and beautiful face.

Pure, flawless beauty is rare by nature, and as we age, beauty becomes more and more haggard.

Imagine if there is no make-up, it is likely to be topped with a pair of panda eyes, drooping bags under the eyes and dull lips.

If it is you who sees it, even if you are not repulsed, will you not feel uncomfortable in your heart?

We make each other feel pleasant when we are together, and that is a form of etiquette.

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