Makeup needs to be learned, and it will be self-defeating if you don't get it right. Not every woman is born with makeup. There are many steps in makeup, and there are many taboos when applying makeup. Put on a makeup look that satisfies you and gives yourself the perfect mood for the whole day.

1. Sunscreen and makeup primer.

Sunscreen is actually skin care, no matter what the weather, be sure to wear sunscreen!

General makeup primers have oil control or moisturizing effects, and must be used in conjunction with base makeup to be effective.

2. Base makeup.

Dip a small amount of liquid foundation with your fingers and apply to the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheeks, chin, etc., then lightly apply with your fingers or brush with a foundation brush.

3. Concealer.

Use your lightest concealer to cover some small blemishes and dark circles on your face.

When covering dark circles, pay attention to the way of oblique shooting. This concealer will give better coverage and will not cause sticking.

4. Set makeup.

Focus on the brows, upper eyelids, nose and other parts that are prone to oily makeup.

5. Thrush eyebrows.

Before thrushing, be sure to choose the eyebrow pencil that is closest to your eyebrow color, so that it will look natural.

To follow the principle from bottom to top, from the inside to the outside, the eyebrows should be drawn with a single stroke. If you paint your brows regularly, you can gradually improve your skills.

6. Apply eye shadow.

Eyes tend to be enlarged at least 1/3 times after applying eyeshadow, so the eyes are more vibrant at this time.

The drawing method of eye shadow is also quite simple, the same color can be drawn gradually from the bottom to the top of the eyelid, from dark to light.

7. Eyelashes.

Use the eyelash curler to bend the eyelash curler. To avoid brushing eye shadow when applying eyelashes, you can lean against a cotton swab. When brushing the lashes, you can first stand up the mascara and then brush it horizontally.

8. Blush.

After applying blush, female friends tend to show a better complexion. Smile in the mirror, then apply an appropriate amount of blush to your cheekbones, cheeks, etc.

Apply a small amount of blush at a time and swipe several times until the best results. Do not apply over large areas.

9. Lipstick.

If you apply lipstick directly, it is easy to dry out your lips. So before applying lipstick, you need to apply lip balm first.

What are the precautions for makeup?

1. Pay attention to color coordination.

A harmonious and natural look can only be ensured by rendering and painting with the correct use of color.

2. Pay attention to the overall style.

The overall effect of makeup must be coordinated with age, temperament, identity, clothing, hairstyle, time, occasion, season, etc., in order to achieve harmony in the overall style, in order to fully reflect the beauty.

3. Do not apply too thick.

Makeup should go with the flow, use the appropriate amount of makeup, and apply too much will be counterproductive.

4. Don't wear makeup for too long every day.

Although some cosmetics have beauty effects, if they stay on the face for too long, they will clog the pores, so they should be removed in time.

Be a beautiful girl!

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